Top Sites to Visit When You Travel to Georgia


Georgia has lots to offer, from civil war landmarks to the varied landscape with its rolling hills, streams, lakes, and orchards. According to an article on, it was voted as one of the best tourist destination for the year 2020. Below are some of the top sites you should check out when you visit Georgia.

Rock City Gardens

Just across the state line into Georgia, Just a Couple of kilometers South of Ruby Falls is your wonderful Rock City Gardens that sits across the top of Lookout Mountain. Crossing through the 180-foot lengthy suspension bridge gives a breathtaking view of the Chattanooga Valley since the road winds its way around another stone formation supplying a perspective of Lover’s Leap plus a 90-foot waterfall. The Enchanted Course continues its travel through Mother Goose Village and finishes after passing through the Fairyland Caverns.

Cherokee Falls

Cherokee Falls sits back into a sandstone cliff cove falling 60-feet to a boulder-filled pond in which the giant boulders around the pond permit you to get very close. The best part of this road becomes much neater in its quest to make it to the second waterfall where the road ends at an intersection. The road to the left leads to an overlook for seeing Hemlock Falls falling 90-feet to the boulder-filled creek. Beginning in the conclusion of this Waterfalls Trail, the rough two-mile, one-time Sitton’s Gulch Trail starts on a wooded bridge that spans over Daniel creek until its slow 700 feet adequate into the canyon floor. The road winds its way beside the creek via a green hemlock grove with perspectives of numerous little cascading waterfalls and rapids since the water works its way around the limestone boulders.

Cohutta Mountains

The edge of the Cohutta Mountains in which the Cherokee Indians lived for countless years is currently the place of Fort Mountain State Park. The park’s place close to the Cohutta wilderness has miles of paths through a wood forest spanning flows, blueberry thickets, imperial overlooks, and 855-foot mysterious ancient stone walls, and a return in time to the prior inhabitants. For the nature enthusiast with just every day, the park’s trail system allows for you to unite several trails to earn a four-mile loop through the core of the park.

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